1. Attending Site Survey - Before designing the job, we must go for site analysis. This helps us to understand the site better and learn the constraints.

2. Understanding Your Requirements - Before we come out with the design, we first learn about your requirements such as the following

  • Water Feature Element
  • Landscape Style
  • Combination of Koi Pond and other designs
  • Combination of yours and our ideas, etc.

After knowing your requirements, our staff would work out a preliminary design after our team of creative staff has brainstormed for ideas. Through the process of further discussions with you, a final design would be completed, ready for implementation. We will also present a project schedule together with the design.

3. Acceptance of Design & Implementation - After your acceptance, we will carry out the implementation on site.

4. Completion - A beautiful environment is created. You can feed the fishes in the pond, view and listen the water flowing out from the water feature.

5. Maintenance - We could upkeep your garden after completion of the garden so that you can continually enjoy your transformed property at the highest possible level.

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